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Huge thanks are due to the original researchers of the Villisca (Iowa) High School Graduates booklet, first published in 1983. Known locally as "The Bible", the paper booklet was published for the 100th Commencement of Villisca High School which took place on May 22, 1983. Information for that compilation was found in the Villisca Alumni Association minutes from 1884-1931, Villisca High School annuals, Commencement programs and Villisca Review newspaper archives.

Those involved in that amazing and epic effort were Carol (Patterson) Greenfield (VHS 1955), Carolyn (Stuelke) Harris (VHS 1948) and Kathleen (Ossian) Means (VHS Home Ec Teacher).  Over 1,000 copies of that booklet were sold and the money received was used to purchase computer equipment for the school.

High School & Auditorium (1965)

VHS “Bible” - 2013 Printed Version

Kathleen Means also updated the lists for the May 1986 reprint of the original booklet. Employees at City Hall gathered the subsequent lists of graduates and produced an updated version for the 125th Commencement anniversary and all-school Reunion. Roxanna Sieber maintained updated graduation lists after that time and she also took the photo of the "New" High School which appears on the "Graduate Lists" page of this website.

The new searchable electronic "Bible" listings were developed by Jim Artlip (VHS 1960) under the gentle guidance of Linda Artlip (VHS 1966) and Barbara Kemery (VHS 1966).  These listings are now updated through the final Villisca High School graduation, the VHS Class of 2013.

A new paper version of the “Bible”, based on the listings, was printed in June 2013 by the Villisca Alumni & Friends Association. This handsome 8.5” X 5.5” spiral–bound volume is available at Villisca City Hall or through VAFA for the low price of $10.00 (plus postage). Profits from the sale of this extremely useful book are earmarked for the benefit of the Villisca Swimming Pool. You may contact VAFA at VAFA, PO Box 45, Villisca, IA 50864 or on at  or at

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