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Villisca - click on the desired link below:

City of Villisca, Iowa

  –  Villisca is a small, rural community nestled in the hills of southwest Iowa. We hope as you visit the various pages on this website, you will get to know us better and learn more about making this a great place to call home, to grow a business, to visit. 

Villisca Alumni & Friends

  –  The Association is a non-profit corporation committed to enhancing and supporting the educational (both academic and extra-curricular) facilities, programs and opportunities in the Villisca community. 

Villisca Historical Society

  –  Collects, preserves, interprets and displays artifacts, photographs and documents which shed light on the natural, civil and political history of the City of Villisca, Iowa. Develops programs and services to promote public awareness, scholarly research, and appreciation of Villisca’s unique history. 

VHS Villisca Volcano

  –  Read PDF copies of the Villisca High School Volcano student newspaper from across the decades: 1930-1978.

VHS Class of '66 In Memoriam

  –  A website established to maintain a record of the Class of 1966 classmates who have died.

Facebook - click on the desired link below:

Honk for Tenville

  –  Read about Villisca's mighty neighbor to the north. Share stories and memories of Tenville and about Tenville. Learn what "Pop 25" means.

Villisca Alumni and Friends

  –  Share with Villisca High School Alumni friends and learn of current activities.

Villisca Connections

  –  Share with Villisca oriented friends and learn of current local news and activities.

VHS Class of '66

  –  Everything by, for, and about members of the Villisca High School Class of '66.