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Villisca School District - History

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VHS Alumni Association Minutes 1884-1931

A scanned copy of the 128-year-old book containing the Alumni Association Minutes for the years 1884-1931.

 VCSD Superintendents and HS Principals 1866-2013

Listing by year as researched by Linda Artlip Weinstein (VHS1966)

 VCSD Reorganization Brochure 1959

The brochure the school district used to convince voters to approve the consolidation of 1959.

 VCSD Teachers' Handbook 1959-60

Teachers' handbook from the first year of the big consolidation (1959-60).  [And my last year, a Senior, at Villisca High - Jim Artlip]

 VCSD 1977 Bond Issue Summary

The 1977 bond issue which provided funding for the closure of some and replacement of the rest of the windows in the old high school and the addition which still stands, which houses the industrial arts, shop, etc.

 Firsts at Villisca Schools

A complied list of “firsts” at the Villisca Schools. Research by Linda Artlip Weinstein (VHS1966)

 Homecoming Kings and Queens

Listing by year as researched by Linda Artlip Weinstein (VHS1966)