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VHS Graduate Lists: See, use, download the 1884-2013 VHS List of Graduates sorted by Year or the List of Graduates sorted by Name.

Composites: View available Class Photos and Class Composite Photos from the years 1884-2013.

Photos: View Photo Galleries of Villisca High School-themed photos. The photo on the right is an example of what can be found there. The Villisca 1942 film "For the Boys" is also available through clickable links on the "Photos" page.

Bluejays: Download/View any (or all) of the Yearbooks known to exist. Bluejays, or equivalent, are available for the years: 1896, 1912-1913, 1925-1927, 1948, 1950-2013. Also available is a report detailing every occurrence of the 5,133 individual names which appeared in the pages of the yearbook between 1948-2013 and a report containing all of the OCR-converted text from the 1948-2013 Bluejays. OCR versions of the “Senior” editions of the Villisca Volcano student newspaper are also available on the Bluejays page. The 1960 Bluejay (Kathy Penwell and Dennis Christie, editors) was a first place winner for best yearbook in the annual Columbia University Scholastic Press Association contest.

History: View documents relating to Villisca, the Villisca School District, it’s students and it’s teachers. Included is a scanned copy of the VHS Alumni Association Minutes covering the years 1884-1931.

Other Links:  A presentation of Recommended Links for those interested in learning more about Villisca and the Villisca Schools. Included is a link to the Villisca Volcano website.

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“Old” High School

Welcome to the New VHSGrads !

The first Commencement exercise for Villisca High School was held for four students on May 29, 1884 at the Villisca Opera House. Over the years, the smallest class was in 1887 with three students, and the largest class was in 1970 with seventy-two students. The most recent class, the Class of 2013, consisted of twenty-nine students.

4,567 diplomas were awarded during the 130 Commencements celebrated between 1884 and 2013. Commencements have been held at the Opera House, the Rialto Theater, the Methodist Church, the Armory and the Villisca High School Auditoriums. The 130th and final commencement was held in May, 2013.

                 LOYAL AND TRUE

Loyal and True, we pledge allegiance to you.

This is our motto, we are one for all and all for the alma mater!

Here’s to our school, long on high may she rule.

Forevermore you will find us,

Always Loyal and True!

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