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1944 1944-2: Front row: Tom Ingersoll, Gordon Peterman, Dale Hanson, Robert Arbogast and Robert McCreedy. Second row: Jean Johnson, Betty Anderson, Betty Pettengill, Bette Wohlenhaus, Peggy Brodrick, Lois McIntosh, Laura Lee Peters, Jeanie Moore, LaVerne Johnson and Louis Armstrong-Superintendent. Third row: C.A. Vernon-Principal, Betty Scott, Mary Lewis, Virginia Raines, Rachel Robinson, Phyllis Warner and Martha Dodson. Fourth row: Doreen Titsworth, Mary Copelin, Rosalee Allshouse, Patricia Dunn and Florence Means. Fifth row: Robert Cerven, Mary McCracken, Darlene Burkhead, Joanna Overman, Joyce Tyler and William Allshouse. Photo submitted by Nancy Nelson Cohen. 1944-3 1945
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